04 March 2011

Wedding Library Event in NYC

Last January I was lucky enough to score two complimentary tickets to The Wedding Library and Martha Stewart Wedding magazine's Wedding Party at the New York Palace through 100layercake.com, an awesome bridal blog (Thanks 100layercake!), always brimming with great wedding ideas and vendors. I find 100layercake to be a great resource for keeping up with current trends in wedding planning and details, they also have great giveaways from time to time, so I go there often to see what's new. Well this one particular day was my lucky day when I received the email informing me I'd scored tickets to the event. So, I grabbed my dear friend Ms. A who is engaged to see what was what at this posh affair...and what a lovely day it turned out to be! Kudos to the organizers - The Wedding Library and Martha Stewart Weddings!

Scenes from the day.

Carte Blanche from Elan Artists, I love these ladies; sorry I have to gush about their talent and finesse that comes with each performance!

Claudia Hanlin and Jennifer Zabinski of the Wedding Library, one of the top wedding/event planning agencies in the US

Darcy Miller, editor of Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine

Panel with other notable people in the wedding industry

which included NYC renowned cake designer, Slyvia Weinstock

I tell you she was just so very interesting to me, I had to shoot her so many times, I was mad at myself for not bringing a longer lens so I could steal a portrait...

lol ok I was lucky to catch this very ahem enthusiastic expression of this lucky prospective groom. LOL dude, you proposed ok so suck it up :) - I keed

Z100 radio personality Carolina Bermudez, who just got engaged herself, moderated the panel discussion and wow I was like starstruck! Been listening to the morning show for years and wow it was such a trip to finally see her in the flesh and wow funny story I actually got up to her and wanted to speak but the words were just not really forming. Carolina sorry if I startled you with dork like behaviour, I am not always like that, I guess being starstruck happens to best of us afterall.

after the panel we moved to the other pavilions in the palace to view the vendors and their amazing presentations:

Delectable looking and tasting cakes

gorgeous placesettings

creative lithographics/invite cards

Dylans Candy is just the bomb diggity! Always brings such color and life!

And here was another fun fun part of the day for me: Meeting photogs whose work I admire. I met Jen Huang who just has the most peaceful spirit and I am not just saying that so she can decide to have a giveaway for her next workshop and nominate me... :) actually, not just that, it was a real observation. Very lovely lady I'm glad to have met. I also met Mel and Co. Mel Barlow and Allan Zepeda are photogs whose work have been inspiring to me as a photog. That was fun too.

and then if was off to the Kleinfield Bride/Groom fashion show!

Elan Artists had such a slamming bands showcase! I love Elan Artists! I can't tell you enough how much I enjoy the events they put on periodically in the city to showcase their bands and artists! You should go sometime. We had so much fun jamming to the different bands, from old school to hip hop!

My roadbride for the day Ms. A

I was a sucker for the seersucker dress and shirt (on the groom) in this set!


  1. This is my wedding photographer!

  2. So lovely -- delighted that you had a great time. This post made my day :) --Claudia

  3. Oh my what an awesome event! I hope i can attend something like this in the future - thanks for sharing.

  4. oh nice. First, great job in taking all these pics. I can't stop laughing @ that groom pic lol. This was definitely the place to be if you are in the wedding biz. Thanks for sharing!