03 March 2011

Oh Joshua!

I said it before, I'll say it again. How I managed to resist the urge to gobble this bundle of effervescent excitement that is Joshua up, I'll never know. Actually maybe it's because we go waaay back, Josh and I, see we met about a little over a year ago (a year is "waaay" in the life of a toddler...) when he was still kicking his mom's belly - you can see that on my defunct blog here. I had a most lovely maternity shoot with Mommy and now he is about to clock the big 1 and of course he is going to get his portraits.

I should use this opportunity to introduce a new package I am offering with respect to babies and toddlers! I always lovvve capturing the innocence and wonder and excitement of a baby/toddler. Those are the shoots I really enjoy! I always leave alive, happy, full of hope for the future (trust me it's that deep heheh). Anyways, pls read more here, the first item under "Special Packages". Then call me :)

Now there were TONS of faves from Josh's shoot that I was beside myself trying to pick which to share. I tried my best....enjoy !

yes it does take a village to dress a child (I'd forgotten...;P)


  1. He is the cutest little thing. What a doll! I LOVE your pictures. I can feel his energy. What fun days you must have with your baby.

  2. Beautiful! His parents must be very pleased with the pictures...