21 September 2011

Taking it from the top - Marjorie and John's engagement session

Wow what can I say. This post should be subtitled: What Yinka did last summer (yep, it is 'last summer' now if the current sweater type climate has anything to say about it). From Long Island wedding to Punta Cana wedding to Nigeria weddings to NYC weddings to Jersey weddings to Westchester wedding, to TUM DC, to portrait sessions and baby portraits, it is all kinda like a blur. Many thanks to the Lord for keeping me and also my deepest gratitude to all supporters, mentors, family and friends, couldn't have come through without you all so thanks.

Well now that I gave my little speech, I need to address this - I know there have been tons of previews, coming soons, sneak peeks and rah rah rah. I looked back and stopped counting at like 5 lol so I figured I'd take it from the top and start with the sweet Marjorie and John who are getting married later this year. I don't know any two people who fit each other more than them. They have such lovely souls and are so generous. I wish them a lifetime of happiness and joy!! I am happy I was able to make it to their lovely wedding shower (first photo) where we took some engagement session photos.

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