11 May 2011

Ife + Billy - The engagement session - Pt I

Ok. I have to warn you. HOTNESS OVERLOAD!!!! Fair warning - not only is this a BUMPER post, this post might be too hot to handle, the chemistry between these two lovely people was literally coming off on every shot! You don't believe me? Fine. Photos don't lie - check them out!

Our fun day started off at the swank Tudor hotel in Midtown - they were so nice to let us shoot there - shout out! Ife and Billy are such a power couple, so I felt, what better ambiance to capture that essence than the Tudor...

Hmmm Ife, this girl looks hot in every frame without even trying!!!

Vamping it up for her man's camera ;)

Off to the park...

I mean, you are in NYC afterall...

Heheh, and no paparazzi please

Central Park just has so much character to it...

Watch this space - part deux is coming right up, served hot of course ;)

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