18 May 2011

ife + Billy - The engagement session - Pt Deux

Ok I am back y'all...no I was not going to make you wait too too long to see the rest of this lovely session with Ife and Billy. We had so much fun. From Midtown to Central Park to the Meatpacking District and oh don't forget the quick pitstop at Pinkberry- and now these two made sure I was hooked back onto frozen yogurt, just when I was about to swear off dairy in general...hold up how did this turn into "about me" again? lol

Everyone, allow me to (re)introduce the Huxtables...oops sorry (inside joke) Ife and Billy...Power couple extraordinaire. I am honored that these two who will become one, have allowed me to be a part of their special day...


  1. Are they models? lol. So many striking looks. You definitely captured them in their element. Nice work!

  2. Very nice Yinka, waiting on Part 3!