19 February 2011

Rogue Gallery Presents: Emerging Designers

Around New York Fashion Week I was invited to join the photog's pit of Rogue Gallery Fashion Show by uber talented make up artist and fashion writer, Tamara Figueroa. For super professional and high fashion make up artistry at it's best Tamara is the go to person. A former New York model with an artist's eye, she does high fashion and editorial make up work and I was lucky to work with her on a shoot earlier in the year. I cannot wait for the next opportunity to work together and was delighted that she asked me to photograph the show for her article which I cannot wait to read.

Rogue Gallery has a mission to showcase emerging designers and that they did. There was a total of 14 designers! FOURTEEN!!! Not that I have photographed that many runway shows but NEVER have I seen so many designers in one show! Such fun indeed and I can tell you being in the photog's pit aint as pretty as being on the runway but for me it was such a riot, the adrenaline rush of getting each shot just so (since it all really happens so fast) was fun for me plus let's not forget all o dat eye candy heheh and I really loved the designs - to me, these were outfits, everyday people could pull off and not contraptions that were doomed to be stuck on a mannequin for life. Also I admire the mission of the gallery to cast some light on a lot of erstwhile little known, upcoming designers, whose work can go toe to toe, head to head with some of the big names...see for yourself.


  1. Excellent one again Yinka......You make me wanna go learn photography again!!! Keep it up sis!!!

  2. Thanks Rolayo that's so kind of you!

  3. Way to go you fashion photographer you!!!!

  4. This show was defiantly one of my favorite productions to be blessed to have the opportunity to be a makeup artist. The emerging designers have beautiful collections and the models were professional and fun to work with. I look forward to our next "endeavor" in fashion!
    ~ Keylee~
    Professional Media Makeup and Hair Artistry.