28 February 2011

Lights on!!!

Hello World!

Hope y'all like the new look. Now now it is still work in progress and so you will observe subtle changes over the next few weeks so please bear with us as we make renovations towards continuous improvement! Please leave your comments and let me know your thoughts about the new look.

As the blog gets fleshed out, I will be making posts to notify you all about the new pages, sections, etc. I am very grateful to all who made this new look possible!

Now, I can't think of a better way to launch the new look than to share the feature written by make up artiste extraordinaire Tamara Figueroa on Plush Nylon Magazine that featured the photos taken by yours truly at the Emerging Designers Fashion Show I shared last week! PlushNylon is a digital magazine focusing on fashion, art, beauty, and culture, offering the perfect mix of cutting edge fashion editorials, insightful articles, and interviews with emerging icons. I would encourage all fashionistas out there to bookmark this magazine!

Big up to the talented Tamara and wow I do appreciate her encouragement and kind words about my work! I look forward to working with her in the near future again (yeah yeah I know I said that before but you'll see why shortly ;))...

You can read her article here

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  1. Yinka this is fantastic! I love the new look at well. Lovely! Very lovely!