03 August 2011

Thinking TUM DC 2011

Well that's ALL I did for the last few weeks leading up to the event of the summer for me and my business - thinkin' TUM. Not that I had a choice if Ms. George had anything to do with it lol and my my what an outing. I am glad I was a vendor at this here event! So kudos to my girl DeeDee who together with Somachi and a few other partners successfully put on a most exquisite, quintessential premium wedding and lifestyle vendor showcase in Washington, DC on Sunday, The Urban Marketplace (TUM) DC 2011.

Delectable DeeDee!

Sizzling Somachi!

Stuffed swag bags filled with goodies for event registrants!

The table setting.

Chocolate Photography NYC in the house complete with a vintage road studio! I had so much fun connecting with the guests who were so gracious and appreciative of my work.
I had some couture hot chocolate and some heavenly godiva brownies (just a few of my favorite chocolately things I wanted to share with my guests and friends...heheh)

It was also such a great opportunity to meet and greet some awesome and creative vendors! I had a blast with my inspirational and childhood friend Dee, mother to my lovely godson, a business mogul in her own right who was there right next to my table! Shout out to Exquisite Guests, your one stop shop for your next event's guest list coordination, I mean they literally take the hassle off your hands and make it theirs, if you'll just let them!! Check her out here and below...

Shout to the other vendors some of whom are old friends I got to reconnect with:
par example the absolutely sublime Tunji Sarumi, who needs no introduction really, whose albums and photobooks literally blew me away. I mean his current work which I regularly peep on his site/blog floors me every single time, but then seeing his work in print takes it all to a whole nother level I tell you! Thanks for stopping by my stand TJ!

When you want to talk about style and styling and fashioninistinction ( I had to make up a word for this, yes I did...), you cannot talk about anyone else but the perpertual gingered swagger that is Ms. Bola Odegbami, CEO of Threads! Represented in full force with a table that was darn near well empty (homegirl made a killing with those uber stylish hybrid combined african print (ankara) designs!!) by the end of the showcase as she displayed her classy fashion forward designs! You never catch this lady in anything less than fab! Holla at her at bolaodegbami@gmail.com if you would like to be styled within an inch of your life! Fiyasity guaranteed (QB you should patent the word - lol jes sayin'!)

Shout out to principal baby planner, the gracious affable Kemi Macaulay-Newman of 9jamom.com! Such a pleasure to meet her and her sweet spirit - holla at her site for everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about being a 9jarian mommy, mom to be or dad to be...

How can I forget the sweet Tea, sorry Tia hehehe, of Lyrics by Tia who together with her adorable son and devoted hubby, Wale of Dr.Ajao fame were such a support to me on Sunday! Tia was at the showcase too to promote her creative writing and journal, LyricsbyTia check out her blog for some inspirational anecdotes and enlightening spoken word/poetry.

...just to mention a few! Shout out to the fellow photogs who were front and center at the event, Uche of Matrixx Photography, Folashade of Shardayyy Photography. Shout out also to the lovely Lola Giwa of Master plan events who brought her deftness with studio set up (good training from her beau Wale was on display lol here) in helping me overcome my "frank spencer' moments in the set up of the mobile vintage studio! Thanks girl!

To learn more about the many creme de la creme of vendors that were at the event, go to the website of TUM DC.

Shout out to everyone who came by my stand and road studio, and being such great sports and trying out the vintage portrait theme/look I was going for lol. I had a box of assorted fascinators and pearls for the girls to play with. No one was exempt...lol well so maybe the guys but hey who says a man can't wear pearls, or a fascinator...no? Oh well a girl can try :)

So yes. Much fun was had by all :) Thanks TUM DC! Let's do it again! TUM NYC sound good? (or maybe I'm pushing it no? LOL think about it at least? Ok... :))

To see the full album, go here

If you stopped by for your vintage portraits and would like to download the high resolution digital copy (negative) OR purchase professional quality prints: go here


  1. Girl, we're feeling the love like rich milk chocolate Hershey's syrup dripping down all over a yummy sundae (with an aqua cherry on top)! Keep up the fabulous work! :)

  2. Yinka.. Fantabulous is the word! good job babes :) I want some more brownie.

  3. Yinka awesome post, lovely details about the event and other vendors.

  4. OMG, a better write-up has never been written. Yinka, you are completely fabulous, I'm so happy that you were a part of TUM. More great things are coming your way chica!! This is only the beginning :)

  5. Awww... lurvly, lurvly!!!! TUM was awesome.
    Sad I couldnt wait to get my photo taken :( by the lovely chocolate photography.
    Def next time!

  6. I love it. You caught me laughing lol.... I love your booth + the delicious and yummy chocolate. Thanks for stopping by my booth. TUM was successful and I can't wait for the next one.

  7. Great documentary yinks! I really felt i was there. Maybe i can be part of the next one. Love your booth btw...Soo creative! Well done!