27 May 2011

Coming soon: Baby makes four!

My dear girlfriend just had her second son recently. Before the stork made its rounds, B had called me up and invited me over to beautiful sunny Florida for a beach maternity shoot. It was during the 'spring today, winter/blizzzard tomorrow' phase of NYC weather so was I glad to be away for a few days to some sun! It was also great going back - the last time I was there was years before as B's maid of honor at her wedding. Time does fly and voila she is a lovely mom of 2 beautiful boys! She and her family are dear to my heart and I congratulate them on their latest delivery. I hope you enjoy a peek at their fun family/maternity session.


  1. lovely collage and images Yinks!

  2. WOW..i really love the collage set. The images are soo clean and really fitting for a family/maternity shoot. Nice work Ms Chocolate :)