21 March 2011

Preview: A sweet shower to remember and meeting of a photographer.

Wow where do I start, where do I begin to talk about this shower. Well I am saved by the bell so to speak because this is just a sneak peek of what transpired at the bridal shower of a dear friend, which was just absolutely darling. I SAW your vision girl heheh!! I sure did see...and what a lovely vision it was. I cannot wait for the wedding. Shout out to my girl who emceed, Ms. Funmi Ajao, CEO of Impressive Events! More details on the shower in the full post.

Don't want to give it all away, you know this being a preview and all :), so let me move into the other main attraction of my post today.

So I am sitting there minding my own business and in saunters photographer wunderkind, Dotun Ayodeji and soon as I recognized him I'm like phew, pressure's off because I KNOW he was not exactly in there to have a fun time at this gals only shower lol. Leave it to my able CEO to question his mission "Ah Mr. Dotun, how are you, are you here to attend or are you here to work?" she asks. He murmurs his response, which I think was something like "ummm work..." LOL. Apparently he had just worked a full day wedding the day before, he explains, and was beat but still came to surprise the bride by shooting her bridal shower for her. Top customer service right there I'll say...

So just like that I formally not only meet but work with and learn a whole lot of tips from, Ddot! I inform him that I had seen him once or twice before at some wedding or two in the last five years but never introduced myself, even though I always visited his blog from way back from his
shutterchance days with my gesticulative commentary on pretty much every other photo he would post LOL, to his current photoblog, yep call me blog stalker lol. "Oh" he says, 'if those occasions you'd seen me were whilst shooting a wedding, then probably I wouldn't remember fully..." he is in the zone when working and does not have that much time to socialize...oh well I totally understand!

For the first few minutes we exchange notes on our photography experiences, he more than me of course with the loads of weddings he's shot and then he opens his bag of tricks, sorry toys, sorry trinkets, oops I mean glass (for non photogs, I mean , lenses); I gasp and have to step back like 'whoa...' and then he quips, 'Oh I did not bring all of my lenses to this shoot" and I'm like, wait there's more?!?! LOL

We get to shooting and I see him do that voodoo that he do lol, live in a smaller, more relaxed setting (no wedding day mode here, phew thank God lol) and I have to say his shooting style is no frills, unobtrusive and almost invisible. For the most part, I did not really even see him in the room, it was like he was not there, oh but he was and he has his stellar images to prove it -I hope he blogs the shower...he quips that he is not very much of an obsessive compulsive blogger you see - I daresay if he had to blog every wedding, commission or event, he would have to blog almost every day of wedding season...

I could go on and on but I'll say Dotun it was a pleasure to meet. Thanks for the tips on flash lighting, angles and of course your willingness to be nice and share your glass...

Yap got some few funny shots of Dotun doing his thing.


  1. Hi Yinka,

    It was nice meeting you as well. I see you really captured me with my crazy hand gestures et al..lol

  2. last pic is too funny. Thats awesome that you were able to work with him. I know he has a wealth of knowledge!