11 February 2011

New from Moo...excited about new business cards! Pls don't *smh* at me :)

Hello, we are taking a break from regularly scheduled programming (I just had to) bring you the new improved business cards that just arrived from the lovely people over at Moo! Here goes...

Why hello Moo. Nice to see you again too.

I just about squealed when these arrived ya know what with this whole New Year New Everything thing going around ;P. So, new Business Cards from Moo.com yaay!

There were the cards from last year. No photos, just graphics and lots of colors (there were about 10 colors but I gave them all out, forced them on poor hapless unsuspecting friends and family heheh

These are the new ones.

I love them and thank all the lovely models and clients for featuring!

Call me. Satisfaction guaranteed (no not that, silly! heheheh)


  1. I love your blog...Yinka Aj

  2. Yinx can't believe it's you. Absolutely love your blog. You are good! All so proud of you here in Md - SisBanx