26 October 2010

A New York City Wedding - Pt deux: Gettin' a lil' married.

Hey y'all! Bringing the second part of the beautiful, classy and intimate wedding of dear friends Ebbe and Mark at the Ladies' Pavilion, Central Park, NYC. As I'd noted in the last post, these 2 creative, artistic people decided to go "get a little married" -this quip was a nod to a scene in one of the Rocky movies (of which the groom is a huge fan) where the hero of the movie, after he married his dream girl and was carrying her home was asked by the neighbors what was going on, and his response was "hey, I got a lil married."...

All in all I can't tell enough how much of an honor it was to just be there in the midst of such love and emotion that day. It was a lovely, intimate ceremony that blended the couple's Nigerian, American and Polish heritages. If a picture is more than a thousand words, how about many, many pictures... ;)


  1. The pix look like clips from a movie. Very different and modern kinda wedding. Great job Yinka. You have an admirer (and a client for NYC tour who will show up for it someday in this lifetime)

  2. I love the shots! love the initmate styled wedding. My fav shot is the last one!!! Nice work.

  3. Great work!!!

    I am a friend of Bola and was admiring your photos of her wedding. My family is planning a 70th Birthday party for our Mom and I wanted to talk to you further about availability, rates and the such. The event is December 26th in East Hanover NJ. Please send me your number so we can discuss.

    Look forward to hearing from you!

    Ibiyomi (ibiyomij@gmail.com)

  4. love how you captured soo many genuine moments. Well documented wedding!

  5. thank you all for your kind comments!

  6. Ebbe Bassey ManczukJanuary 11, 2011 at 12:40 PM

    Mark and I love you, Ms. YINKAAAAAAAaaaa! You did such a GREAT job! You know you are now officially the family photographer/life chronicler, ahem!ahem!ahem!

  7. I love it!! Your photos captured their story perfectly. Beautiful! Great job Yinka!