01 May 2011

The Real McKoys...

Hey there. Happy New Month! There are many reasons why I love the month of May. Well the most obvious of course is we say a proper hello to summer, and also I was born in May and 2 other members of my family! So very grateful to God for this month and all the other days of this year!

Well you might remember this preview...? Yep it's them, it's the REAL MCKOYS again and I can tell you these guys are the real deal.

I went out to Jersey for a lifestyle shoot of the family and these are the images I came away with. They capture the essence of the kids and their dad so well heheh. You have to know them to understand fully, what I'm talking about...
Anyway I had a blast, my girl Autumn was my road dawg and paid me the most attention lol so let's start with my girl.

She's a sweetheart and daddy's girl and she don't play when it comes to him! Bests not try to talk smack about her daddy within her earshot or else you'll hear "That's my daddy!!!" lol m jes sayin (Honest it did not happen to me... ;P)

The boys! Check out their swag!

The house the McKoys built....

Guys I cannot wait to this again by then the boys will have more smiles for me I hope but then I heard the cool kids don't smile for photos. Oh mehn... ;)

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  1. Nice nice. These boys are really on the swag tip! Great job on these.