29 March 2011

A simply eventful and delightful affair!

Okay. Today's post is some detail overload, and I LOVE IT!!! Recently I photographed this classy swank upscale affair, Lily's phenomenal 50th birthday celebration! The venue was a swanky loft like space which was transformed into upscale lounge ambiance...

Big up to event planner and organizer extraordinaire Ms. Lashanda Washington of
Simply Eventful and Delightful Events for putting together this exquisite event! I met Lashanda at a sweet sixteen extravaganza that I was privileged to photograph last year (will be blogging soon!). It was a movie themed affair and I was blown away at how the theme was incorporated into every aspect of the event. Lashanda and her team were tireless; they left no stone unturned and transformed another empty space into a popping party.
So of course I was more than happy to photograph her most recent event, and again I was blown away. I will let the photos tell the story. Apparently all you have to do when you are thinking of an event is tell Lashanda your thoughts and she will bring it to life with such attention to detail. From the great food to one of the best cupcakes I have ever eaten, no joke, I HAVE to shout out to Kelly's cakes here *gosh* to the upscale bar set up, to the lights - big up to the lights man Lee (contact Lashanda if you want his great work to transform your party); I can't say enough how much fun I had at this affair! Lashanda I look forward to the next groove!
I can say enough actually - the photos really tell the story.... :)

Lashanda's team will craft the most creative signature drinks for your party...

Oh these red velvet cupcakes were the yummiest ever!

the red hot ladies at the bartend...
yummy cocktail eats!

great lighting theme! Great job by the lights man, Lee

more nosh

okay this guy here, I am sure he thought I was sent to stalk him at the party! Isn't he the cutest!?

This was a fun fun part, when the lovely birthday girl made her grand entrance! All eyes were on the star of the evening as she danced to Pretty girl rock by Keri Hilson.

Then things got interesting as the celebrant danced with her sweet mama! Pretty touching moment...Momma got rid of her walking stick to do her thing heheh

It just seemed like a great time for friends and family of the celebrant to reconnect


  1. What a soirée graced with class and finesse;
    The celebrant looks stunning, so elegantly dressed;
    Your coverage tells the story as our senses you lure;
    And 50 definitely has nothing on her! :)

  2. Looking at these photo's definitely makes you feel like you were there, even if you were not invited. The photo's truly capture the moment, great work.

  3. Tia! I love it, your spin on this event and so apt too! Thanks boo!