03 January 2011

Happy New Year!!!! - and the many faces of Chi....

Any other word for a Birthday girl...

Vivacious, spritely and full of life. That's what you get when you combine a birthday with 5 Pointz, NYC, a camera lens and a Chi lol. CrAzY MaD FuN! Bananas!!!! Personally, I can't think of a better way to kick off what promises to be a slamming year on my blog! My dear friend Chi is a such bundle of joy - never a dull moment with this chick (you'll see what I mean by the time you reach the end of this bumper post!) and I am not just saying that because I know she is reading this ;))... (hey girl). The occasion was her birthday late last year and as you can see she had a blast...

We were having so much fun these random guys HAD to join in!

LOL nope she don't know him like that! See what I mean by never a dull moment with my girl?! LOL

Yeah she especially appreciated the "joker" background. One guess why that was?!? hahah

Happy Birthday Chi and thanks, for letting me share in your day boo! Here's to many more!


  1. Awesome images, Yinka! Favourite is of Chi taken while she lying down on ledge = beautiful x.

  2. Very creative. I like the way each picture draws your attention to the focal point despite the mixture of colors in the background.

  3. Wow!!!... Is this real? Yinkz.. wow..Ok moment of truth .... After a tumultuous year of steady crazy events, i didnt feel like celebrating my birthday as i do every year.. As far as i was concerned i had nothing much to celebrate.. Then i met you at Ebbe's wedding.. having seen the incredible work u did capturing her wedding i was drawn to you.. Ur aura and love for what u do made it easy for me to relate plus ur paparaziness..(lol)... On the day in questions i battled crazy thoughts and low spirits.. but i was hyped everytime i got a text from you .. wondering about my readiness status.. From the moment you jumped at the sight of my car approaching to when u flickered away with your camera.. paparazing me around ( like u put it).. it was instant kismet..( me and the camera ofcos...lol)
    We had so much fun that day that i remained in high spirits till the end of my day.. I love the pictures.. they capture the happiness in my heart and the zeal to want to move on even through crazy bad moments.. You brought me into my new year in picturesque style..:).. I look forward to paying you back.. Ur work speaks for itself.. but what your viewers should know is that you are as beautiful as the pictures you capture...
    Thank you .. Thank you ... Thank you .. Yinkz.. Extra ordinary woman you are!!!!!

  4. OMG!!! i love it, Chioma is so beautiful and fun and these shots bring out her lovely personality.. Yinka you are blessed with so much talent, i love every shot.