07 December 2010

Mariam & Ladi : Wedding a.k.a "the big fat blog post"... :-)

Rounding out the final post in the trifecta of Mariam and Ladi's wedding weekend. Last post was the traditional engagement and I am no less pleased to bring you their classy and fun wedding where I provided back up assistance to Olufunmi of S67 Photography, it was a pleasure to work with him and meet these great people.

Ok I just hope y'all aint tired of all my raving. No? Phew *wiping brow* cos here goes :)

Ok there were so many real, poignant moments in this wedding and yet a wonderful mix of fanfare, laughter with myriads of friends and family and of course all o that fabulous food heheh. I was blown away by the detail put into the planning of this wedding. I can't say enough about the panache of the decor - my girl Dee of MSarah Weddings and Events pulled out all the stops on this one - from the lovely rich bouquets for the bride and her train, to the boutonnières for the groom and his men, to the chapel decor, to the reception hall decor - brilliant! ...and all done in record time!

I wish the new couple a life filled with love & joy, humor & grace and, peace & tranquility! No two people could be more deserving...

Now. You'll have to forgive me for the million and one photos from the wedding, I just loved it so much - generally I like the photos to tell the story because, well as you already know, I can't shout... ;P BUT I might throw in a caption or 2...

Waiting patiently for his bride

..who had a hard time blinking back tears on her walk down the aisle

the look on his face as she approached says it all

Cocktail hour...

the celebrities of the day en route to the cocktail hour

stopped by paparazzi...

toast offered by maid of honor, the bride's sister

followed by the groom's brother

and a most romantic first dance

then it was off to the reception!

couple dancing in - owww so cute!

Sororrrr sistas always representin'


  1. Yinka wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! I love this post.. Make me want to do it all over again.. I was blessed to have you help me on this project.. Can't wait for bigger things next year.

  2. So beautiful, you did an amazing job...Great attention to details.

  3. Hey guys thanks a lot o! Y'all are awesome and I can't say enough how much of a pleasure this was. Yes o bigger and better next year o in Jesus Name! You readyyyyyy?!? :P

  4. beautifully captured my dear photographer.. Ur eyes surely knows how to capture detail.... I love it.. and ofcos the couple looked dashing... Everythg looked classy.. I love it.. Big up Doyin...

  5. Yinka all i can say is wow! thumps up gal!

  6. Awesome job capturing this wedding. Your attention to detail was amazing. Great work here!