16 October 2010

A New York City Wedding - Pt I

Ok I am back! Wow it has been a minute I know and I have to say sorry (mostly to myself heheh) for staying away for so long. While y'all weren't looking, I'd had the opportunity to capture some of the coolest love stories on this little hiatus of mine and I simply cannot wait to share them with you.

So. Without further ado...first up is the classic New York City wedding of dear friends Ebbe and Mark who were 'gettin' a lil married' (this meaning will be explained in the 2nd post I promise) on a lovely summer day in Central Park, NYC. I will have to bring this to you in two parts because, well it's just that awesome. Maybe I should let the pictures tell the story.

The scene being set by uber fab make up artiste Ryan B. Anthony