21 April 2010


The factory is OPEN!!!

Cherry blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.

Welcome! Willkomen! Ekabo! Aloha! Benvenuti! Bienvenidos! Karibu! Bienvenue!

Chocolate Photography has finally gotten out of my dreams and into my life...and gosh can you just feel the excitement?!? Mehn! I thank God for everything.

Shout out to a few of my lovely family & friends who have shown support whether by giving me tips on setting up a blog with big enough images, or pointing me to their template that they used, or just providing moral support when needed the most! God bless you all so mightily. Y'all know who you are :)) !!

As a child, I always loved pictures. I was always hijacking my Daddy's camera collection (which included a polaroid camera!) and taking pictures of the family with it. The poor man was quite frustrated atimes with various antics which involved sneaking the camera to school or to church, generally places where he did not feel they belonged! Apparently it was more than a phase... we know that now!

I am a photographer that is all about the moments. The ones that are easily missed and never reenacted but hopefully captured by someone's lens to be reminisced upon for years to come. Telling the stories and catching the moments, it's like catching lightning. Plain and simple. I don't pretend to have a degree or formal schooling in photography but I have a knack and eye for lovely things and I think weddings are quite the ceremony/big event of anyone's life that decides to have one and is there really anything better to be captured on film???

Timeless poignant moments will be captured and I hope to create fun, fresh and spicy images that aptly capture the essence of the people I see through my lens. No two Chocolate Photography "stories" should look the same, each one will be unique because my clients will be unique and special each in their own right... Hmmm. Lofty heights can be attained...

I have some lovely photoshoots that I hope to share as you stick with me. Hmm where shall I begin...hmmm... lol

Here we go...


  1. Congrats on the new blog! Wish you nothing but success in this venture. Lovely nature shot btw..

  2. Thank you very much Fola! Appreciate the support!!