Photo by Viktoriya "Vik" Banul

Not that much about me (really, it isn't about the photographer in my humble opinion) but I would like to get to know you so I think it's fair that I make an introduction...
                                                                                            Photo by Viktoriya "Vik" Banul

I am Yinka, a NYC photographer and I just love to tell stories through the lens. My camera helps me to see the things that I otherwise would have totally missed - in human interaction, the beauty of nature, the essence of any subject I photograph. I would love to have the opportunity to help you tell your stories. My interests are wedding, lifestyle and events photography.

As a child I was the one who was always tinkering with Daddy's cameras (to his chagrin! LOL) and he had a whole bunch of them, F5, Polaroid, Olympus, the old Fuji cameras, etc. My Dad captured plenty moments of my childhood, he always had a camera handy and lots of stories were told through those pictures as we grew older. I consider it an amazing opportunity I have, freezing moments in time through the clap of that shutter. It's been a long hard road getting there but here I am and I'm gon take my tiiiiime ;)

I'm a daughter, a sister, a niece, an aunt, a godmother, a friend and a child of the most high God! There is only one and I am grateful that He has given me the grace to do what I am able to do. That's it for now. Now. I would love to meet you too so please leave a comment and say hi :)

For more information please contact me at yinkatoo@yahoo.com.